Land Owners With Standing Timber

Professional Estimates With Over 30 Years of Experience 

How would you like to earn $10,000 | $20,000 | $30,000 or more?

Big Timber Inc. will buy your standing timber and pay you thousands of dollars while you sit back and watch. We do the all the hiring and management for the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


How it works:


  • We have a professional estimator come to your land to give you a free quote for the value of your timber.

  • Upon agreement, a legal contract will be written between you (land owner) & Big Timber Inc. containing the following:

    • # of trees to be harvested

    • Date for completion of work

    • Payment terms & price to the land owner

    • Proof of land ownership

  • Once a legal contract is formed, you will get paid for your timber before any harvesting is done.


Important Information. Please read below:


Big Timber Inc. believes in the practice of responsible timber harvesting. We want all land owners of timber to understand an old tree may produce rot, making it of no value, and a young tree is not practical nor ecologically friendly for harvesting. We only mark trees which are mature for harvesting to sustain a healthy timber and wildlife ecosystem.


Due to expensive operating cost, we only work with land owners who have large quantities of trees (approximately 40 trees or more). Additionally, the trees should be approximately 16-inch diameter or more.

Walnut Lumber for Sale

Note: Big Timber Inc. is not a tree removal service. We do not remove yard trees and we do not do cosmetic maintenance for trees.


Big Timber Inc. only purchases hardwoods. This means we do not cut/purchase pine trees.


If you have read and understand the information above, fill in the application below.